Sticks & Stones Exposed

The Truth Behind Words and Relationships

  For Corporate/Medical Setting

This is one of the most frequently requested training programs we conduct because of its impact on the culture and climate in the workplace.

As many corporate leaders strive to build their businesses, the ability to work together is more critical than ever.

The skill that we call "Frog Kissing" is one of the main strategies used to build and maintain strong relationships with executives, management, staff and clients.

Some of the specific issues that we cover in this half-day program include:

  Internal Culture/Atmosphere
  • What kind of internal atmosphere are we creating?
  • Are we building "bridges" of support or "barriers" of separateness?
  • With the many changes taking place in corporate America, how is the morale of a company as a whole?
  • Are we creating an environment in which people want to collaborate and do their best or just "punch the clock?"
  • There are seven people within every person (management, staff, clients etc.) - do you know which one is the key?
  • Have we formed some communication habits (ruts) that are subtly destroying trust?
  • Are we sabotaging the team effort by what we say and do (and don't even realize it)?
  • Are the words we use building up or tearing down?
  Team Building
  • How do we "bring out the best" in the people we have contact with?
  • Do we know the six most powerful words and when to use them to build strong relationships?
  • Do we understand the incredible power of forgiving and how it can cement a team together?
  • Are we able to see areas and issues that are causing our team to splinter apart and how do we correct it?
  Strategic Focus
  • How do we break the tendency to get caught up in tunnel vision?
  • How do we create a sense of "koinonia" where we make progress on purpose with a proven process of drawing people closer?
  • Do we understand how clearly communicated team goals can keep us moving in the same direction even when we hit "forks in the road" (conflict)?
  • Is it possible that ego and self defense mechanisms are "de-railing" our efforts?

Focusing on a myriad of practical principles and techniques, this session is designed to bring about change...

...changed attitudes,

            changed perceptions,

                        changed behaviors,

                              and...changed lives.

The workshop is a fast and fun session. We believe that FUN learning and laughter opens the heart and the head to internalize new principles.

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