Dave Weber

Author & CEO of Weber Associates

Dave Weber is a motivational speaker and the author of Sticks & Stones Exposed: The Power of Our Words and Leadership Redefined: The 12X's of Success for Today's Leader.

For over 25 years Dave Weber’s fun, high energy, and entertaining style have made him one of the country’s most sought after speakers. Presenting well over 160 times each year to tens of thousands all across the country, he is often described as a “Chihuahua on caffeine” and is always a crowd favorite.

From the most well respected corporations in the world, to middle schoolers, and everyone in between, Dave delivers an infusion of life into any event. Whether it is an inspirational keynote to kick off or close out a conference, or a “nuts and bolts” personal organization training program to a small group, participants come away eager to implement what they have learned.

As a captivating presenter and phenomenal story teller, Dave has discovered that laughter opens the head and the heart to consider internalizing new principles...and humor is a big part of all of his presentations.

Weber believes, “People like to laugh and have fun. Talk to anyone who has just returned from a meeting, conference, or retreat and the first thing they’ll tell you is whether or not it was fun – then they’ll discuss content.”

Dave’s style might initially get him invited to present, but it is his great content and timeless principles that get him invited back time and time again.

Dave strongly identifies with the challenges other professionals face. His goal with every presentation is to motivate, challenge, and inspire everyone who hears him...and have a lot of fun along the way. Dave stakes his reputation on change...

  • changed perceptions,
  • changed attitudes,
  • changed behaviors
  • changes lives!

In addition to presenting on the motivational speaking circuit, Dave is the author/creator of the LifeTime Organizer and the author of the best selling book Sticks and Stones: Exposed: The Power of Our Words. He is president and CEO of Weber Associates, Inc., a training and speaking firm in Atlanta, Georgia. He and his wife Tina are the proud parents of two great kids.

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